Co Working Spaces, WHERE you can build on your IDEA

If taken literally, co-working simply means people working together — an as old activity as humanity itself. If we look behind and think about it, we’ll realize these spaces have always existed but just revolutionized with time. These spaces are generally used by people who just have started with their ideas, and they want to save on their operating cost since there’s no doubt that co-working helps individual save the set-up cost apart from that it also helps people to work and learn with others in the same work environment or the travelers wanting to work. Then this style also suits the freelancers across the world, especially when the most important asset is inside your head — ideas and knowledge.

Though the trend of these co-working spaces has been increasing year after year. Unsurprisingly, it absolutely was the technological advances of recent years that have enabled this flexibilization of the hands. With a laptop, good phone and web access you can work from nearly anywhere, and this has obviously without saying reduced the required prices of beginning your own tiny business. The significance or the major part that a co-working space definitely plays is, it gives you the community to network from.

We can look at co-working spaces from a different angle, for example, if co-works are compared to a farmer no matter how efficient or skilled a farmer is, he will need people around him to help him in growing, harvesting or selling. A farmer never operates solely neither they have a fixed workforce working for them. They just need hands for support to survive and grow. The same role is played by a co-working space where you can learn and grow with the help of people sitting and working next to you. Now if we compare these co-works at a very basic level i.e. students doing group study. No matter how good a student is, or how intelligent he/she is, everyone has a different skill set and that can only be learned from each other. No book can teach you that. Now, there are two aspects to it- either the student learns everything from and with the individual he is studying with, or he/she will just waste time and knowledge. So if we relate this to co-works, we know the growth of an individual lies with himself and how good he is while learning and extracting knowledge from the world existing beside him- The Co-Working Space.

One of such co-working space in Raipur, (C.G.), 36Inc — well furnished, well-equipped and well facilitated. It is not just like any other regular co-working space but has developed itself into a community of people from different sectors to people with different age group. It has a well-equipped FABLAB set up that saves people the cost of purchasing their own expensive machinery. It gives an individual everything he or she needs to be it a comfortable space or an electricity connection or Wi-Fi connectivity and definitely, it gives you Coffee.

All one needs to have is the openness to learn from the experience of the outside world, and what 36inc is best at is giving that opportunity to learn, grow and expand.

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