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An idea that works; portray an integral part in launching your start-up. 36Inc, as a business Incubator and Accelerator here, welcomes any start-up aspiring to develop their ideas and turn into reality or desired to scale an existing business.

The first and the most important thing, also the hardest, on the path towards launching your own start-up, is to come up with an idea that works. Any start-up which aspires to get their ideas into reality or existing business to scale with access to ace mentoring and a plethora of services, this is what 36Inc is. We as a business incubator and accelerator help start-ups and already existing companies to develop by providing services such as fund support, management, mentorship, co-working space, technological assistance or everything that is required for a business to grow.

Given the myriad roles that a mentor must play when working with early-stage companies, it might take more than one person to meet each company's needs. Incubators and accelerators should consider providing ventures with multiple mentors. Here at 36Inc, we provide extensive mentorship on all things relating to technology and product development and every other aspect related to business.


While we have several feathers to our hat, the most colourful ones are State-of-the-art equipment for rapid prototyping. We have a well-equipped FABLAB, with a separate access. It is not just for incubatees, it’s open to the community at large to enable them to solve unique problems in style. Also, we have top of the line equipment and machines for CAD/CAM/CAE, NC machining, 3-D printing, injection moulding, laser cutting, PCB layout and so on.

We have Co-working Spaces which brings you community (and better Coffee). A co- working space gets you everything you need- culture, opportunities, and amenities. The project aims to enable every party involved by increasing their network exponentially and letting them build on each other's unique skill set.

The sole purpose of a start-upincubator is to help entrepreneurs grow their business. We at 36Inc Provide assistance at any level and in every way we can.


What We Do

We as a business incubator and accelerator help start-ups and existing companies to expand and develop by providing them with services like co-working space, management, mentorship, fund support, technological assistance or any support that is involved for a business to grow.

Co-Working Space

Ideate while competing, Learn with other startups, Get a swanky office for your team, An address to flaunt.

Fab Lab

Our well-equipped FABLAB with a separate access is not just for our incubatees.

Market Linkages

Connect with top corporates, Testing of new products, Scale up your idea.


Support by domain and startup experts, Refinement of Value Proposition, Assistance in preparing classy.


We know that what water is to a plant, money is to startups! We have funding options for all stages of startups.

Govt. Support

It is the first business Incubator cum Accelerator supported by Government of Chhattisgarh.


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