Chhattisgarh Startups Visit to Israel, A brief Journey

Better communication with people working in the same or varied business domains & opportunities for networking is always amazing. With the same motive, we left for Israel. Visiting someplace unknown and far away from our native place created a lot of excitement. A unique combination of circumstances, culture, and a strong will to succeed most likely has something to do with the success behind Israeli startups. Learning something new & implementing it in our own life was our motive.

  • Day 1: Landed @ Tel Aviv

Tel-Aviv- a city on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast. Day-1 was briefly spent in exploring this city. Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Our group visited places, discovered a new love for archeological sites & planned our ways for what to do next. Day 1 was energy packed, inspirational or fun-filled for all of us.

  • Day 2: Explored the City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is totally unique; there is no other place like that.  We spent our 2nd day in Jerusalem, visiting beautiful places & seeing architecture that has its own glory. We visited the Holocaust Museum & Old City of Jerusalem. It was a noteworthy experience for all of us.

  • Day 3: Visited Startup Nation Central & Great Synagogue

Israel has emerged as a global start-up powerhouse. One of the reason is a lack of natural resources has forced this country to innovate in order to survive in a hostile neighborhood. Secondly, the lack of a large domestic market has meant that Israeli technology companies have been quite naturally pushed to become part of larger global value chains. Exploring Start-Up Nation is one of a kind experience where we learned a lot.

  • Day 4: TAMI ( The Makers Factory)

TAMI is a maker’s factory. It is a place for creative people to meet in order to talk, exchange ideas, and make stuff. A kind of “club” for inquisitive and creative people. Tami is a space for artists, carpenters, electricians, robot airplane builders, electric car builders and anything else – in short people who want to build and create, together or alone, and want a place open 24/7 with good atmosphere, work tools, and other people to cooperate with.

  • Day 5: Visited SCR Dairy Farm

SCR is the world’s leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of Dairy Cow monitoring and Herd Management Solutions. How technology can be implemented in dairy farms & get progressive was all that our entire group discovered there. Advancements in Milking Technology & the machinery they use tell us how progressive dairy technology should be.

  • Day 6: The Floor, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange & Momentum Startup Accelerator IDC

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Tel Aviv is Israel’s only public stock exchange. We had a brief visit to this place & saw the functionality. TASE plays a major role in the Israeli economy TASE lists some 544 companies, 56 of which are also listed on stock exchanges in other countries. Our next stop for the day was Momentum Startup Accelerator IDC. This place is where smart entrepreneurs are born. A place to learn the mechanics of running a successful business venture. 

Summing it up we had an amazing stay, learned a lot about the people there & their work culture in Israel. We learned that Diversity is a big contributor to the Israeli startup state of mind. Israel is a country of immigrants. Almost 2/3rd of the population is made up of newcomers who were willing to uproot themselves and move to a new country. These natural risk-takers became the perfect candidates to become entrepreneurs & now provide so much opportunity to network & grow to others also.


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