MODERN I’s, Innovation Initiative and Incubation

“There’s always a way to do it better- Find it.”
-Thomas Edison

Innovation is the key to the above-said proverb. It is the activity of people and organizations to change themselves and their surroundings. Innovation means to break through the regular routines and dominant ways of thinking and introduce new things and behaviors or to launch new standards or ways of transforming the current solution of a problem in the easiest possible manner. Innovation is about having a creative approach and an insight into the ongoing scenarios of the world. It just needs to have a problem-solving mindset to make one’s life better or to make the world a better place to live in.

Innovation generally happens at 2 levels.

Level-A is through analysis and development that is initiated and nurtured by the big company sector, SMEs, R&D establishments, national laboratories and educational establishments like the IITs, NITs, IITs, and universities, innovation is inspired.

Level-B accommodates every sector, grade, and form of Innovation. From a 5-year-old kid getting the idea of how he/she can get saved from mother’s scolding to 70-year-old farmer innovating by finding the easiest possible way to sell his produce is all about innovation. Innovation at this level needs the vision, thoughtfulness, creativity, initiative, and toil of an individual innovator.  Also, it is important to add innovation at the individual level is more durable but not to forget harder to sustain, due to the absence of a support system to nurture their ideas.

  • Initiation is the spark

Now, every level B innovation does not have the spark of initiation. Every day every hour every minute there’s a new idea generated or an innovative idea strikes to mind but the spark of initiation is what gives the idea the sustainability. Initiation succeeds in innovation. An initiative is an act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something. An initiative is all about the courage and the will power needed to start something new or to change the traditional perspective behind an already existing idea.

  • Incubators are the oxygen

And lastly, Incubators act as oxygen – all that is needed for survival and growth. Incubators are the organizations that play a very major role in the nurturing and growth of an entrepreneur or say of an innovative idea. One of the most promising incubators operational in India (Chhattisgarh) is 36INC. 36Inc is operating out of Raipur with an aim to support and enhance individual innovation throughout India. It focuses on providing a stimulative and supportive environment to individuals and companies with an innovative outlook towards business. It is providing everything that an individual can think of after generating an idea of whether its mentorship programs, Co-working space, rapid prototyping, Funding or market linkages and government support.

  • The conception of 36Inc towards Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

The pathway to start a business is to Innovate. Always a new idea will lead to a successful entrepreneurial journey is not a proven fact. The best way to succeed is to take the already existing idea and innovate. Just the innovation would not help you achieve everything or say success. Innovation should further lead to initiation. Starting your own business requires continuous grueling and focused efforts without much knowledge about the harsh business world. But then the dream of being your own boss and calling all the shots can easily transform itself into a horrible nightmare in the absence of proper guidance and experience. Here 36Inc will play the major role in shaping up the future path to your entrepreneurial journey ahead.

“Success lies in mended mistakes.” -36Inc

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